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Dreaming of the Bandicoot
Henri Rousseau

Dreaming of the Bandicoot.jpg

BF:  Henri (Le Douanier) Rousseau,known as the creater of
"art of the fantastic".  Can you explain the
symbolism of this painting?

HR:  Zee apple repesent zee purity of dreams it is zee seed
of life, we gather them up and delight in their taste,
but the seed is at the heart of eet.

Zee girl is asleep because it is only when we are
dreaming that we see things as zey really are.

BF:  Your paintings often contain animals. Why is that?

HR:  Animals are zee beast within all of us, Zee free
spirit unfettered by the constrictions of society and
the bourgoise. Zey pursue zere goals without zee
hesitation, a pure force.

BF:  And why a bandicoot?

HR:  Because he is sooo funny when he die is like
a cartoon. He makes me laugh so hard till I cry.

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