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Explosive Barrel
Andy Warhol

Explosive Barrel.jpg

BF:  So this was the first painting that really got you noticed.
AW:  Yeah.
BF:  I'm sure it's the question everybody asks, Why the explosive barrel?
AW:  Lots of reasons.
BF:  There was a story that an interior designer friend suggested it.
AW:  Something you see every day and something that everybody would recognize.
BF:  That was Muriel.
AW:  Yeah, Muriel, Something you see every day.
BF:  And explosive barrels are a familiar everyday object.
AW:  Yeah. My mother made flowers out of them.
BF:  Flowers?
AW:  yeah.
BF:  You have more paintings planned?
AW:  Going to paint lots. 
BF:  Lots of barrels or lots of paintings?
AW:  Yeah, a big painting, one hundred barrels, a ten by ten grid, big painting.
BF:  A hundred barrels?
AW:  Ten by ten. yeah.
BF:  We look forward to seeing that
AW:  Yeah.
BF:  Andy Warhol, Thank you.
AW:  Yeah.

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