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From the Mine

>From the Mine

BF:  You used unusual materials in your work, Did you find any difficulty with the medium?

LSL: It were always raining in Denby Moor.  I paint on't cardboard boxes and the cardboard were always damp.  I used to say to Dad " Cardboards damp again Dad" and he used to smile an gi' us a clip round t'ear.

BF:  At the time your subject matter was also unusual. Did you meet any resistance over your choice of subject?

LSL: Me dad used to say "Thee's a daft begger our Laurence" he'd say " Oo wants t' see paintings of 't factory? allus got t' do is look out t' window. Paint Dahlias instead, that's proper art that is. Flowers and trees.  I remember when it were all green screens round here."

Daft old sod.

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