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Hedgehog descending a staircase.
Marcel Duchamp

Hedgehog descending a staircase

BF: This painting caused a scandal when it was first exhibited, Why was that?

MD:  Critics, they are clueless. They say "That don't look like nothing", I say, " I paint it as it happening, but the damn hedgehog won't sit still!" Pah.

BF:So you didn't set out to create the illusion of movement?
MD: No, I was doing a picture book for the children.   I think the hedgehog looks cute, so I try to paint him,  but he keeps moving,  the kids they say "paint faster, paint faster." but I say "I'm painting it as fast as I can, but the hedgehog he is too damn quick dammit."
Next time I nail him to the damn floor,  that stops his running around.  He stole my wedding ring too, horrible little thief.

BF: So are you planning on doing any other paintings in the same style?

MD:  No, I had it with the painting,  I'm going to try the sculpture.   I got to go now, I need the toilet.

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