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Horace sits around with no clothes on
Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse

BF:  So Henri, Horace?

HM:  Mais Oui! Those were the days, The Commodore 64, the Spectrum, the Dragon 32.

BF:  That seems a long time ago now.

HM:  Yes, but I prefer those graphics.   Everyone seems to on the quest for the real, but why? The simple graphics are more of the truth.

BF:  Less real but more true?

HM:  This is it.  when the image is like what is real in the eye then there is no imagination in the viewer, When it is reduced to the truth it speaks to the fauve, the beast in us.  

BF:  So you are saying that retro games are better?

HM:  Well yes, clear lines and colour, simple true pictures, damn great big pixels.

BF:  So why Horace in particular?

HM:  Is a good game no?.

BF:  Thank you Henri Matisse

HM:  Skis were too expensive though

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