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Alice Meets The Red King
by John Tenniel

Alice Meets the Red King

'Fiddlestick!' said the King, rubbing his shoulder, which had been hurt by the fall.
'Don't just stand there like that,' He said, looking at her for the first time,' tell me the name that you are.'

'I don't understand,' Said Alice, 'I'm a girl if that is what you are asking, and my name is Alice.'

'So which is it?' the King snapped impatiently, 'are you called girl or are you an Alice?'

'This is terribly confusing,' said Alice, 'I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean'

'Don't be afraid child, it's simple enough,' he said with a short laugh 'My Name is King because I am King.' and he stared into the distance, trying to look as regal as possible

'I don't think it's the same for ordinary people.' Alice said doubtfully.

'I wouldn't know' The King said in a melancholy voice, 'I've never met any'
'I say you don't want to cut my head off do you?'

Alice laughed loud: but she managed to turn it into a cough, for fear of hurting his feelings.

`You know,' he added very gravely, `it's one of the most serious things that can possibly happen to one in a battle -- to get one's head cut off.'

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