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Wipeout Whaam!
Roy Lichtenstien

Wipeout Whaam!

BF:  So Roy, Wipeout?

RL:  Prodigy rocks,  I am a twisted firestarter.

BF:  You have been accused of merely copying other peoples work, how would you reply to that?

RL:  I don't just copy work. I change it.

BF:  So you recontextualise it?

RL:  Err, yes.

BF: So you're saying that by extracting these images and placing them in a fine art context you force people to re-evaluate them both graphically and as narrative fragments,  which simply because of their fragmentary nature stimulates the viewer to recontextualise them with their own internal cohesive narratives.

RL:  I make them bigger.

BF:  So in that act you rescale the scope of the observer and apply an industrial sensibility which is itself a critique of the age of post-modern mass production?

RL:  A lot bigger.

BF:  Err, Thank you Roy Lichtenstien

RL: Absolutely huge

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